How to elope in Ireland

Ireland – one of the most beautiful countries that are filled with vast landscapes that leave you speechless to Irish folklore about the mythical creatures of sirens and leprechauns, even fairies if you’re lucky. There’s so much incredible history of this country and the Irish are definitely proud people of that. I grew up always dreaming of visiting Ireland, but when I got the opportunity to visit, it was even better than I could have ever imagined. The cliffside’s are larger than I ever imagined, the grass is greener, the sound of the waves crashing at the bottom of the Cliffs of Moher are much louder than you could have ever imagined. Everything that you may have ever imagined about this country, may just get even better!

I traveled here in the summer and I packed my standard summer clothes since I figured I would get a few good tan lines, that was definitely not the case. I currently live in the Pacific Northwest and visiting Ireland in the summer is still equivalent to our spring weather where it’s still a bit chilly in the mornings to days of rain but there was some days where it was warm and sunny. Honestly, you never know what you’re going to get weather wise it seemed like.

If you’re into exploring local villages, exploring distilleries and trying out local spirits – Irish Whiskey to be precise, adventuring through different fields or hikes that lead to the oceans edge but still taking the opportunity to take a step back and enjoy every moment then Ireland couldn’t be a better option. Ireland has hands down become one of my favorite adventures and I’m excited to tell you more about my experience and hopefully answer any questions you may have when it comes to planning your elopement at this stunning location.

Location ideas for your Ireland elopement

Whether you’re wanting a cliffside elopement or out in the country somewhere. No matter where you choose, you can’t go wrong. Ireland is full of so many incredible landscapes, friendly locals, delicious food (bangers and mash was definitely one of my favorites), incredible history plus my personal favorite highland cows! Overall no matter which location that you choose, you can’t go wrong. I recommend thinking about how you want to utilize your time while your exploring this country. I mean you could drive all the way around Ireland in a day, it would definitely be exhausting but definitely doable. It all really depends on what locations are your “must see”, I’ve created a list of a few locations that I found incredible which could help kick start your planning process:

Want something away from the crowds? Let’s be one with NATURE. 

Killarney National Park

If you’re wanting rugged mountains, waterfalls, hidden lakes or forests, you can get that back in the States but if you want all of that plus stone ruins, castles or even mansions, definitely consider Killarney National Park. This National Park is massive, there’s so many options to choose from: Ladies View has a beautiful overlook, or on the grounds of Muckross Abbey. The options are absolutely endless.

The Cliffs of Moher

When you think of Ireland, you’re probably thinking of this iconic cliffside on the island. The views looking off onto the Atlantic Ocean will have you starstruck (I was definitely left in awe when I got here). If you’re considering eloping here, be cautious of the winds because it does get quite windy here. There are a few different trails as well where you can walk next to the edge of the cliffside and enjoy the sounds of the waves crashing below.

Giant’s Causeway

Giant’s Causeway is actually located in Northern Ireland but if you are staying in Dublin it’s only about 2-hour to 2.5-hour drive from there. This location is absolutely magical with these basalt rock-columns on the shoreline. The legend behind these stones is absolutely incredible, so if you ever meet a local, definitely ask them to tell you the story behind it, the Irish accent helps tell the story a little better.

Dunseverick Castle

This castle is a very old ruin that honestly doesn’t have much left to show but it’s got an absolutely beautiful view of the coast.

Get lost in the city scene! 


Between Galway & Dublin, Galway is one of the most visited cities in Ireland. There’s so much to do along with so much to see! Kylemore Abbey & Gardens is one of the most iconic locations in Ireland is straight from a fairytale. Galway is definitely a location where you will get a mix of both stunning scenery along with that city vibe.


If you are wanting to walk around on cobblestone, explore the cities exquisite architecture and learn more of Ireland’s history. Then Dublin is for you! Grab a pint at the iconic red bar – The Temple Bar. Explore the different castles around the outskirts of Dublin.


Definitely take sometime to check out the Blarney Stone – Heck! Why not give it a small peck for good luck! For centuries, people from all around the world have traveled here to kiss the stone. Or take the time to visit some candy-colored hours in Cobh Harbor or visit the gothic St Fin Barre’s Cathedral, or enjoy the springtime blooming flowers at Myrtleville Beach.

Best time of the year to elope in Ireland

Things to consider…

  • During the off-season (March through May & September through November) – it can be more affordable and filled with less tourism which can be great if you’re wanting photos all over.
  • The coldest & wettest months are December & January
  • June through August is the best time for warmer weather and longer days but this also means the busy season.
  • The climate stays relatively mild year-round with temps hovering around lows of 40° ‘s and high 50°’s.
  • The weather can quickly change from rainy to sunny even during the summer months.
  • Although the temperature doesn’t fluctuate much the amount of daylight does with the warmer months having more and the winter months having less.

I recommend visiting during the shoulder months: May or September. This could mean longer and warmer days to enjoy the scenery!

What should you wear when you elope in Ireland

Being from the Pacific Northwest, I recommend packing items that you would normally wear during our fall season – long sleeve shirts, sweaters, long pants, a rain jacket, hiking boots, tennis shoes. You can still pay some summer clothes as well just in case but there is higher chance you’ll need to pack in warmer attire. I recommend always dressing in layers.

Common questions about eloping in Ireland?

How can we legally elope in Ireland?

To legally be married in Ireland can be a slightly tricky process. It would have more steps, paperwork and additional fees in this process compared to marrying in the states. You would need to bring along an officiant and witnesses as well. Learn more about the legalities of getting married in Ireland here. Another option to consider is getting married in the location of where you’re located and having a commitment ceremony in Ireland.

Should we learn another language or do they speak English? 

English is the main language spoken! Then there’s Irish Gaelic.

Transportation – what should we do about getting around? 

If you’re wanting to explore around the Ireland and Northern Ireland, I would recommend renting a car. I had no issues driving around over there even though the road ways are different than driving in the states. A rental car can range from $20-80 USD daily. Please know that when you are booking a rental car, your car is more than likely going to be a stick shift, so definitely always double check that before paying. An automatic vehicle will be higher in price but it will be less of a headache if you don’t know how to drive stick shift. If you don’t want to rent a car, there’s always public transport as well.

Do they speak English in Ireland? 

Yes! English is the main language to be spoken in Ireland. They also speak Irish Gaelic. 

Where should we stay during our trip?

This will all vary on what kind of experience that you want to have! You can do a bed & breakfast out in the country side, a luxury hotel in the city, a unique Airbnb, or heck why not a castle?! Hotel rates can start at $99 USD and Airbnb’s range from $70-$250 USD nightly.

Recommendations on how to find vendors for my wedding/elopement?

Social media will be your best bet for finding vendors along with using local wedding forums on Facebook. You’ll be able to find everything from venues to florists to bakeries, etc. You can also find wedding photographers that have had experience working in Ireland, they will likely have recommendations as well (psst! That’s me!)

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