How to elope in Greece!

So you’re considering eloping in Greece! Yay!!!

Greece is full of history, exquisite views, friendly locals and delicious local cuisine! You seriously can’t go wrong with choosing Greece as your elopement location.

Let’s get to the must know details on how to prepare you for this upcoming adventure!

Here’s a few tips on what to prepare for prior to your Greece adventure:


It’s always best to find a photographer who is knowledgable and familiar with the area or international travel! Having this kind of knowledge will end up become an invaluable resource during the planning process and throughout your trip.


I recommend checking your passport validity prior to booking any of your travel or if you do have your trip booked, I recommend checking your passport’s validity at least 12-weeks out.

Be prepared for a long flight! Depending on where you’re coming from in the states you’re looking at a 9-15 hr flight if you’re able to get a non-stop! Coming from Seattle, there’s typically a long layover in France or the UK.


If you’re planning on traveling around the islands or just different parts of the mainland you can definitely rent a car but if you don’t feel super confident with driving in a new country, there’s a few different options. You can use public transportation like the buses (make sure to have euro coins on you, if you choose to do it this way), there’s trains, ferries, private drivers/shuttles, taxis’, or domestic flights. 


If you want to explore religious sites be sure to pack something to cover your shoulders and a maxi skirt/dress. Bring a reusable water bottle to stay hydrated.


Unlike some other European countries, tipping in Greece is appreciated! English is a commonly spoken language throughout the country. 


When to elope in Greece?

There is never a bad time to visit Greece! Late Spring and early Fall (April-June or September-October) offer minimal crowds compared to summer months and will have lower travel fairs. 

As for the weather, it’s literally the perfect weather! It can get up to 80° or dip below 60°. 

I was in Santorini, Greece in the beginning of April and we got hit with a random storm that lasted almost every day. So be prepared that there could be a chance of stormy weather, but from what the locals had told us was that this storm that we had was the first rain fall that they had in almost a year. 

Besides this crazy storm that we had during this visit, spring is typically the best time of the year to visit since everything will be in bloom during these warmer months. But if you’re planning on going in Spring, try to avoid going around Easter Sunday since that time of the year is very busy with internal travel. If you’re considering traveling later in the year, consider going in late Fall where you will have the opportunity to book a wine or olive tasting! 


So, how can you legally get married in Greece? 

If you’re wanting to get legally married in Greece just know it is totally possible, but it will take a lot of (paper)work and time. If you are in a same-sex relationship, unfortunately Greece doesn’t legally recognize gay marriage. But I will help walk you through this process so you can see why so many couples choose to get legally married in the United States and have symbolic ceremony in Greece.   

Here’s a few things you should prepare for: 

  • Prepare for a lot of legal paperwork before your trip 
  • Give yourself a few extra travel days (up to 10-14 days prior to your wedding date) to go through the proper legal channels in Athens and the town that you plan on getting married in. 
  • Have at least two witnesses for your ceremony 
  • Save up $$ before you go! Because you’ll more than likely have a bit of fees to pay along the way. 
  • It’s definitely doable if it’s important to you, but if not, opt for a symbolic ceremony 


**This is not legal advice and is based on two U.S. citizens getting married in Greece. Click here to learn more and to get links to the appropriate paperwork!**


To legally get married via Civil Ceremony you’ll need:

  • A valid passport 
  • A certificate of no impediment to marriage notarized and translated in both English and Greek **an Apostille stamp may also be required.
  • An Apostilled birth certificate with an official translation done by either a certified lawyer, a foreign ministry’s translation department, or a certified translator.
  • A certificate of no impediment to marriage notarized and translated in both English and Greek **an Apostille stamp may also be required.
  • Ιf applicable, apostilled documentary evidence of the termination of all previous marriages with an official translation (divorce, death, etc.).
  • An Affidavit of Marriage In Greek and English signed and sworn by the U.S. citizen(s) before a consular officer at the U.S. Embassy in Athens. The fee for notarization of the affidavit is $100. This service is available by appointment only. Plan on being in Athens for at least two days to complete the necessary paperwork. 
  • To use the Affidavit of Marriage in Greece, it must be authenticated by the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs validation department (a small fee and receipt  is required for this authentication). 
  • You will then present all of your documents (each of you have your own separate set of documents) in person at the City Hall or President of the Community where the marriage will take place.
  • Within 8 days of your submission the authorities will issue you your marriage license.
  • Upon receipt of the license, you two will jointly apply to the Mayor or President of the Community where they wish to marry. The official then sets the date for the wedding ceremony. 
  • You must have two two witnesses attend your wedding ceremony and they will need to have their passports as well. 
  • Your marriage is not legal in Greece until registered. Following your ceremony you will need to record your marriage at the Vital Statistics Office of the city where the marriage was performed. 


And listen, if you want to have a religious ceremony in Greece this is only the tip of the iceberg. You will need to have two sets of the documents listed above and others depending on your denomination. And additional wait times/fees will apply as well. But if it’s important to you, it’s possible, and there are services out there that can help you get all of this in order. 

Which Greek Island or location are you choosing? 

There are more than 200 islands to travel to, so trying to narrow it down to the best location for your elopement can feel a bit overwhelming. Every island has a different and unique vibe compared to one another from the architecture, landscape, accommodations and experiences. 

A few things to take under consideration are: 

  • Accessibility – how far are you willing/wanting to travel 
  • Privacy – some locations are more popular than others so you can expect more tourists if it is a popular location
  • Priorities – what or how do you want to spend your time here? 

Some islands are known for living their best Greek-life while others are peaceful beach paradises. There’s definitely way too many locations to choose from, so I recommend creating a list of what you want/don’t want to help narrow down your options. 


Best for: Honeymooners & First Timers 

This is the location that I have personally spent time at and thoroughly enjoyed, but it does get busy! But this is the iconic location that has white villages with blue roofs, delicious cuisine, amazing sunsets, friendly locals along with a poppin’ night life! 


Best Greek island for: A photogenic and dramatic coastline

Its rocky, white, lunar landscape and rock formations contrasted against the turquoise ocean and the bright coastal homes are unreal!


Best of the Greek islands for: character & lush landscapes 

This place is definitely for the water lovers! You can have a quiet ceremony on a hidden cover or rent a boat to spend the day visiting one enchanting islet after another. 

Cephalonia / Kefalonia

Best Greek island for: Laidback family holidays

If you’re looking for a one stop shop for your next family vacation then this Greek island might be the best option for you! It’s got everything in one place from four-wheeling adventures, horseback riding, beaches, food/wine tasting, snorkeling, and so much more. 


Best Greek island for: Naturists and purists

If you’re looking for something that is very laidback and private, this island might be best for you. There is little to no nightlife here, you can enjoy the local cuisine and not feel guilty from judgement around you if you go in for that second or even third dish that you want to try. 


Best of the Greek islands for: Decadent parties and five-star hotels

Mykonos is the L.A. of the Greek Islands, if you’re looking for crazy night life then this will be the place for you! Plus hey! Maybe you could run into a few celebrities here. 

This was a hidden alleyway in the city square in Santorini! 

Where to say “I do” on the Greece mainland

Litochoro, Greece, central square. This small cozy town located at the base of Mount Olympus and famous for its views.


Brimming with history, ruins, incredible architecture, and places to explore. Athens is the perfect hub during your elopement if you’re looking to have a full itinerary experiencing the city, but want to escape to the beach in a pinch!


Olympus National Park offers multiple hikes and no shortage of insane views surrounding this infamous mountain. Enjoy the quiet countryside, Olympus towers over and take in views of the Enipeas canyon before ascending over wooden bridges into the thick forest. 


This mountainous peninsula with quiet turquoise beaches, hidden springs, and waterfalls is the perfect oasis for couples looking to elope far away from tourists and immerse themselves in quiet Greek life.


If you’re looking for a private and surreal elopement along the Athenian Riviera then look no further! These crystal clear healing waters sit around 70° year round and are surrounded by towering walls of the now collapsed cavern. Sit on the shore with a drink, visit the mineral spa, or go snorkeling!


All it takes is a mellow hike to get a vantage point atop one of the ethereal and ancient rock formations of Meteora. The 1,300 ft rock spikes give you an incredible view of the Eastern Orthodox monasteries perched on surrounding formations and the forests below. (pictured)

Aerial view of monasteries Trinity and breathtaking pictures of valley and landmark canyon of Meteora at sunset, Kalambaka, Greece, shadows, twisted road, bridge, Mountains as columns

Ready to elope in Greece with me?

Let’s go! I’ve got my bags packed and passport ready for your next adventure! Let’s schedule a call, book your date, plan a trip of lifetime and get you married! Throughout this process we will create an experience that is centered around everything that means the most to you and your partner, along with creating once-in-a-lifetime memories, and capturing the best day and time of your lives! So what are we waiting for?! 

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