Should you do an engagement session?

Let’s talk about engagement photos! I know that many couples are on the fence on if they should do an engagement session. So if you’re engaged and on the fence about doing an engagement session, let me share with you a few beneficial reasons to why I highly suggest you should do this. If there’s anything you take away from this, let it be these four reasons to do an engagement session.

1. You’ll get comfortable in front of the camera.

Anyone else feel a bit awkward or uncomfortable then all of a sudden forget how to act like yourself when a camera points at you? I mean same! I absolutely love being a photographer but when I’m on that other side of it then I definitely feel the nerves kicking in, so you’re not alone with that one.

During your engagement session, you’ll have the opportunity to get comfortable with having a photographer follow you around but also get a better idea of what to expect on your wedding day.

If you’ve never had professional photos done, especially of you & your fiancé, I highly recommend taking this opportunity to jump in front of the camera for a little bit and get photographed! It will not only make your wedding day 100x easier but who knows you may get some new wall art in the process!

2. You’ll get to know your photographer better.

I might be a little biased here (speaking as a wedding photographer), but doing an engagement session not only helps you get to know your photographer better but it gives them a chance to know you better as well! And as you get to know your photographer, you will be more comfortable on your wedding day since they would be more like a friend compared to someone you may have just randomly met.

Taking the time to do the engagement session allows you guys to get a better understanding of how my working style may be! You may have loved the photos that you have seen on social media but it’s a different kind of feeling when you get to see your own images because it helps reassure that you made the right choice in hiring them for your wedding day.

You’ll get the chance to experience their shooting style, how they are as a person, see how how they prompt or pose you for photos, but ultimately, you’ll feel like you have a friend on your wedding day compared to having a stranger there taking photos.

3. You get extra photos without your wedding attire.

Engagement sessions are an opportunity to get more casual photos of you and your fiancé that aren’t screaming “wedding day”. Personally, I love the idea of capturing couples in the clothes that feel most like themselves compared to dressing up. Sometimes wearing “normal” clothes, can actually help boost the self-confidence and it helps make this session more about you. Wear the clothes that you feel would help showcase you!

4. You can make it unique & adventurous!

An engagement session can be as unique and adventurous as you want it to be! So if you want to go mudding in your jeep, do it! Want to fly to your favorite destination for your session, do it! Do whatever your heart desires! If you would rather just stay inside and snuggle up for your engagement session, that’s totally fine too! This session is all about you two! If you’re not sure what you’re wanting to do for your session, then no worries! Create a Pinterest board and save a few ideas then share it with your photographer and they can give you a few suggestions. If you’re wanting to try something completely new but not sure how to go about it, just let your photographer know and they are usually down to try to do something new and out of the box.

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