Let;s freeze time!

Your memories

are just about the best

investment you can make in your lifetime. the ability to

freeze THOSe most                            moments...Priceless...

     special & precious

Let's freeze time! 

Your experience is my no. 1 priority

After booking with me, I always make sure you feel comfortable enough to view me as a friend and not just as a service provider. I am here for you and always do my best to create a friendly and open relationship! Need help planning for a session with a different photographer because you moved? No problem, I've got you. My overall goal is for you to know that regardless of the situation, I will be there to help out every step of the way!! 

sometimes it's hard to be present and live in the moment...

Sometimes we take living in the moment for granted, we get so caught up living our day to day lives that we never take a moment to truly be present in it, which causes us to miss out on what's going on at that time.


But being present is easy when you're with the one's that you love.

It's crazy to see how the world stops turning when you're surrounded by loved ones, or when you fall in love and it feels as if there is no one else around and all the cares in the world have just disappeared...the only only feeling that you have is that you don't want this to end....

The photos above are just a small snippet of what your memories could look like. 

life works in mysterious ways, some that may not always be forgiving. 
This is where I come in on making sure to document your story in the most authentic way possible. 

I want you to be able to look back at these photos years down the road and embrace everything about these images and take a moment to relive this frozen piece of time.

 She puts her heart & soul into each client & that is such a rare thing to find!

- Kaile

 She puts her heart & soul into each client & that is such a rare thing to find!

- Kaile

Let's talk money, hunny!!!

We all know that money is definitely a touchy subject that most people don't want to talk about - which I completely get it. But when it comes to photography, it is truly worth every penny to invest into it.

While you are planning to create new memories whether that's getting engaged, buying house, getting married or starting a family, it is worth investing into freezing these memories. These new chapters in your life will come and go, and we don't want those memories to fade. I want to make sure that these moments in your life will last forever. I want you to be able to look back on these photos years down the road and remember how you felt on this day that you cherished one another.

I'm not here to just show up and say "hi" then click a button and say "deuces" on your wedding day... no fuck that! I am here to help with the whole planning process as your FRIEND. 

Let's be real though, yes the money that comes through my business does help pay the bills but I don't view you as "just another paycheck", that's a big NOPE! You guys are REAL PEOPLE with stories that deserve to be shared and I want to be there to help you share it and preserve these memories. I will capture your story in the same way that I would want my own to be shared.

Booking with me, is like booking that long lost friend who is ready to get to planning and help in any way that I can and making sure that it was worth every penny.

Wedding Collections

Starting at $3000

These collections start at
6-hours of coverage

These always include: wedding guide, unlimited q&a, online gallery,
print release and print shop

Average collection investment is
$5.500 for wa weddings
 $7,000 for out of state weddings


These collections start at
6-hours of coverage

These always include: wedding guide, unlimited q&a, online gallery,
print release and print shop

Adventure sessions typically involve some hiking and exploring, so let's get out and explore nature. 

1-1.5 hours of adventuring and taking photos 
80+ images | Up to 2 outfit changes | online gallery | print release and print shop

*Travel included for Mt. rainier, north cascades, Seattle and other select locations



Starting at $2500

If you're considering a more intimate wedding day where it's just the two of you or a few family members?This is for you! 

I offer a couple of packages that range from 2 to 4 hours of coverage.


Portrait   Sessions

book here

1-hour session

20+ images | Up to 2 guests | online gallery | outfit style guide | printing rights

Starts at $450

Complimentary engagement session included in some wedding packages


Start off by filling out my contact form with as much information as possible! (There is never too much you can say so go for it!) 
Once I receive your form I will reach out to you ASAP and we will schedule a consultation to get to know each-other and see what package is going to fit you best!

Meet & Greet


During your consultation, we will go over details, brainstorm ideas, and put together the framework for how you would like your day to be captured.

We also become besties and get super-DUPER pumped to work together!! I'm pretty cool sometimes.

make a plan


After we have completed your consultation and figured out what package is going to work best for you, I will send you the ultimate guide to executing an amazing and successful wedding!!
This guide will include tips, tricks, and advice to keep your day running smoothly and allow me to capture the perfect images!

a detailed guide

The Experience

Travel Schedule


as a child, i have always been inspired by traveling, I would always stare at a map and wonder what it was like to travel to a new city or country. having this inspiration has given me the opportunity to pursue that dream and allow me to capture couples in epic locations across the world. 

check out my current travel schedule with a few of my top bucket list locations! 

nothing excites me more than getting the chance to explore new destinations with couples to celebrate one of the best chapters of their life.

I offer special pricing for weddings and elopements in the locations already on my travel schedule and bucket list places I’ve never been before. 

don't see a location listed below? don't hesitate to reach out because I'm always ready for a new adventure!

seattle, washington
spokane, washington


poulsbo, washington
las vegas, nevada


salt lake city, utah 
new york city, new york 
bordeaux, france 
paris, france




New york city, new york
woodinville, washington

sedro woolley, washington 
big sur, california
carnation, washington


seattle, washington 
oregon coast
mount vernon, washington


wenatchee, washington
stevenson, washington 
chehalis, washington


Las Vegas, Nevada


tulum, mexico



Santorini, Greece
london, england
bellingham, washington

ellensburg, washington




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