November 5, 2022


When considering a wedding venue, selecting the venue is not the first thing to check off your list. Knowing an estimated number of guests that you want to be present for your wedding day should be your first priority in the wedding planning. This not only helps with narrowing down the venue options but can also help dictate your budget. You don’t want to go into the venue search blindly and then fall in love with a venue that only holds a maximum of 50 guests but you have triple the number of guests you plan to invite. So definitely recommend finding a venue that fits your MAX guest list that way everyone can be apart of your big day and don’t have to risk cutting your list short!


This ties in with the venue capacity, with some venues to choose from they may have enough room in the venue for guests but not enough space to accommodate in parking spaces. Planning on getting married in the city – does your guests need to pay for parking? Or do they need to park down the road and walk to the venue? Just make sure that your guests are aware of the parking situation. If you’re considering doing a ceremony and reception at separate locations that require driving to between locations, maybe consider having everyone park at the reception location and have shuttle take guests between locations.

INDOOR OR OUTDOOR CEREMONY SPACE (Will you need a tent for your outdoor space?)

If you’re planning on doing your wedding in an outdoor venue, make sure that you have some sort of back up plan just in case the weather goes sideways. Whether that’s having a tent or considering doing it in a separate area.


Check to make sure that your venue includes tables and chairs, if they do then it’s a huge bonus because it’s one less thing to do on your to-do list and can help save some money! If you’re venue doesn’t include chairs and tables, you’ll definitely need to look into a rental company. Personally, if the venue doesn’t include table or chairs, I would consider looking at other venue options.


While many venues are known to have a Bridal Suite, sometimes the Grooms don’t get their own getting-ready space. Obviously the guys aren’t going to take hours to get ready, they could easily just get ready in one of the restrooms but it would be nice for them to have their own space to store their personal belongings somewhere. Another key factor in choosing a venue, make sure that the Bridal suite will be big enough to accommodate the number of ladies in the bridal party getting ready, plus hair and makeup artists along with the photographer(s).

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